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At Wellington Motors, we pride ourselves on being a premier automotive group, offering a comprehensive suite of services across multiple high-quality brands. Our network includes esteemed dealerships such as South West Nissan, Omoda & Jaecoo, Used Car Sales Direct, German Service Centre and Datelinks Automotive IT Support, each specialising in different facets of the automotive industry.

Our Offerings:

South West Nissan: At South West Nissan, we provide a vast selection of new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles. Known for durability and reliability, our Nissan cars are suited for all your personal and commercial needs.

Omoda & Jaecoo: Dive into the world of luxury with Omoda & Jaecoo, where elegance meets performance. Discover the latest models, backed by top-tier customer service and maintenance expertise.

Used Car Sales Direct: If you're looking for quality pre-owned vehicles, look no further. Our Used Car Sales Direct sites across the South West offer a diverse inventory of inspected and certified cars that provide excellent value.

German Service Centre: The German Service Centre Team pride themselves on delivering the very best in client care. The team have been awarded Global and National awards for the level of client care that they have delivered from manufacturers and the Motor Trader publication.

Datelinks Ltd: Focused on connectivity and modern automotive technology, automotive dealership’s success is built on the reliability of your technology and increased productivity. Datelinks experienced consultants can help you identify the ideal IT service provider to maintain an uninterrupted network and support your daily communication needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Wellington Motors, we understand that choosing a car is a significant decision. That's why we offer a seamless car buying experience, transparent pricing, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. Whether you are buying a new car, seeking maintenance for your current one, or exploring financing options, our teams across Wellington Motors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Visit us at any of our locations and discover how easy and enjoyable owning a car can be with Wellington Motors. Let us help you find the perfect car that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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For more information, to book a test drive, or to schedule service, contact your nearest Wellington Motors dealership. We are excited to serve you and ensure your car buying and ownership experience is second to none.